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About us

Koronis Bible Camp on the shores of Minnesota's Lake Koronis, is a ministry for your family and friends. It offers a week of spiritual growth - as well as fun and rest for every age from toddler to grandma and grandpa.


Koronis Bible Camp provides a Bible-centered, spiritual get-away on the shores of Lake Koronis near Paynesville, Minnesota. The facilities are rented from the Koronis Ministries for the last full week in July each summer and is primarily supported by the Brethren assemblies of Minneapolis and St. Paul. With an emphasis on gospel teaching to the children, and practical Christian living to the adults. It is a place for Christians to meet and renew fellowship with one another while enjoying great teaching.


There are several programs provided to make this an enjoyable time for everyone that comes. Adults can come hear the nationally known speakers, while children can be part of the camp programs tailored to their age group. Meetings are informal and relaxed, with nursery care provided for children 2 years old and younger.


We believe in one God that created the universe, that the Bible is God's word. We believe that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to provide a way for sinful man to be given eternal life and to live a life pleasing to Him through the power of His Holy Spirit. All those who put their faith in Christ are members of the Church. Every believer has been given at least one spiritual gift for the purpose of ministering to others in their local church body.