Adult program


Conference, the adult program offers recreation, relaxation, and challenging Bible teaching from renowned speakers. A popular feature of the conference program is a variety of opportunities to meet others thru many different activities: ice cream socials, morning donuts, evening cabin parties, volleyball, softball, soccer, touch football, golfing at the local golf course, night golf, water sports and many more.

SPEAKER: Ken Daughters

Lakeview: $470 per adult

SUNRISE INN: $605 per adult (double occupancy), $755 (single occupancy)

CABIN: $605 per adult



If you are 35 years of age or younger, you receive a 25% off your total family bill.

Please note: this discount is the last discount given when calculating your bill


For families where at least one parent is at camp the following discounts apply

Family of 3 - $125 off total bill
Family of 4 - $150 off total bill
Family of 5 - $175 off total bill
Family of 6 - $200 off total bill
Family of 7 - $225 off total bill